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Garage Door Opener Services - Atlanta, GA

Garage doors come in different shapes and sizes to cater to specific needs of homes. Atlanta Garage Door Specialists offers a comprehensive range of services related to garage doors. We offer garage door opener repair, maintenance, inspection and installation services. Also, services for garage door openers are our specialty. Whether you need keyless garage door opener or electric opener, we are at your service. Openers provide security and convenience when opening and closing your garage doors. Our garage door opener installation Atlanta is a fairly quick process. The only thing is what type of opener you need to install. We offer

  • Keyless garage door opener from top brands
  • Electric garage door opener of all makes, models and types

Our representative will be sent to your house to look at the type of door and determine the ideal garage door opener Atlanta according to your needs. Installations come with a labor guarantee, site cleanup, final walk through and testing to make sure the machine is working as per standards. However, if you already have a garage door opener installed, but it is not functioning optimally due to some reasons, you need to consult a garage door opener repair Atlanta. Depending on your opener problem, it may involve replacing parts or adjusting existing components of your door opener.

How to Keep Your Garage Door Opener Safe and Secure

To avoid your garage door opener from malfunctioning and for the sake of safety, it is necessary to perform constant maintenance checks. It is crucial to keep the opener lubricated as well as making sure all the parts are working properly. Depending on the type of door opener, Atlanta Garage Door Specialists provides suitable repair or replacement service. Be it keyless garage door opener or electric garage door opener, belt, chain or screw drive; all types of openers need checkups from a professional. The tune ups at regular intervals, such as tightening of bolts, adjustment of springs, lubrication, or others, are essential for hassle-free operation of the opener. Batteries also need to be frequently checked. Our professional garage door opener installers offer a maintenance package at an affordable price which prevents expensive repairs and help you save in the long run.

Regular garage door opener service from our techies will prevent it from malfunctioning and keep your family safe. Since a garage is one of the biggest moving parts in your house, it is important to make sure it is safe to use at all times. As per U.S laws, all openers must have 2 safety reverse features that make the door reverse if it cannot close fully. Photoelectric eyes should also be inspected to make sure they detect obstacles in their way when closing.

Other problems in normal functioning of your garage doors may be short circuited motors, track misalignment and doors coming loose from their tracks. These can be inconveniencing and dangerous too. As soon as you notice any such problem, it is important to call a technician.

We offer you a range of garage door opener repair services across Atlanta. Our garage door repair Atlanta ensure your safety and convenience and our highly efficient professionals do this in quick time. As we are a 24/7 garage door service provider, you can contact us even at odd hours of the day.


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